M3 Add ons for March and Retirement Sale

Hold on tight folks as I have a loooooong post with lots of fabulous stuff and the pages to prove it!

First up are Rachel’s Add ons to the March M3. There is a great selection of bits n’ pieces that go nicely with other items of Rachel’s you may have in your stash or if you are a subscriber to the Mixed Media Monthly then these are even more perfect for you to build that collection.

An example of the great looks you can create with all of this goodness from the Sistas and Guesties

Now for some other juicy news. . . . . there is a storewide retirements sale going on until the end of the month. That means that Rachel has pulled some amazing kits/collections (some of my favourites) out of the archives and has but them in her store at TLP so you can have the chance to own them. Please be aware these were available in a previous store so be sure to check your stash.

Get ready, here we go!

To Be Continued Bundle

to be continued bundle.jpg
01 tbc.jpg
creme caramel.jpg
01 creme caramel.jpg
so sketchy cattitude.jpg
01 cattitude.jpg
so sketchy brave and true.jpg
01 brave and true.jpg
image.jpgthe storm will pass.jpg
01 storm.jpg
01 byos.jpg

What a great time to stock up on Rachel’s goodies!!