I Do My Own thing

Well sob sob, the time has come for us to send our little boy off on his first day at school yesterday! It felt really weird walking him to school, I mean I knew of course that this day would eventually come, but it felt surreal, like I was living somebody elses life. When people used to say to me, make the most of every moment, of these early years, they are so right! I didn't pay much attention back in the day, it felt like the days were so long and that they were going to last forever. I didn't realise quite how fast these early years really do fly by, but they really really do!!

In Shop News

Well yes it's true, that I do like to do my own thing, with my quirky mark making and collages but this is also the name of my collection this week. It's another Build Your Own Collection weekend and my theme relates to us as strong individuals (or people that you know) and how we can be our own hero's and stand tall!

Bonus Bundle Offer with a Free With Purchase

All of the Build Your Own Collection releases are 20% OFF 7th - 9th September PLUS the more you buy the more you save. In addition, if you're a collector of my products I've also bundled up all three of my BYOC packs and discounted the bundle by 30%. You'll also get a pack of solid colour papers FREE with your purchase of the bundle that are not available separately. Please note that this bundle offer is not included in the buy more save more offer.


That's all from me for now, have a great weekend :)