Easy ways to make your layouts pop + SOSN Sale

I hope your week is going well!

My Mixed Media Papers are handmade and are richly textured and so they make fantastic texture overlays for photos and layouts.

You can easily use a Mixed Media Paper to add a dirty or old look to your photo or page, or just for extra texture or to make it 'pop'.

Whilst working with your layout in it's layered form you can choose to add the overlay to the background paper, the photo or the frame, or on top of the entire page. For my examples I actually put the overlay right over the top of my entire page. You will need to experiment and see what works best for your page. In my example I didn't have many dimensional elements, if you do, you might find that the overlay looks better sitting on the layer behind anything that is really dimensional with large drop shadows. Experiment and figure out what works best for you!

Here is my page with no overlay, just the original. (I used my Salt Air Bundle to create this layout which is 50% off through the rest of today as part of our Something Old Something new Sale! - you can grab it for less than $4 if you buy it today).


I used the green paper which you can see as the third paper along on the right hand side on the second row from my Off The Grid Misc Paperie pack.


I dropped the coloured paper right on top of my layout and experimented with the blending modes. This is using the paper in it's coloured form with a blending mode of 'overlay'. Original layout is on the left, modified layout is on the right. This gives it a lovely pop and adds lots of lovely extra texture detail to the paper design at the bottom giving the illusion of an ocean. It did change the colour tone of the photo quite a lot though, so this one might have been better to move down the layers palette and just dropped above the original background paper, or just behind the frames.


This is using the paper in it's coloured form with a blending mode of 'soft light'. Just a subtle lighting change and nice change of colour tones from mixing the green paper on top of the blues.


This is using the paper in it's coloured form with a blending mode of 'multiply'. This is obviously much more dramatic, and I adjusted the opacity of the overlay paper here to 75%. Again if I were to have gone with this I think I would have moved my paper behind my frames so that my photo wasn't edited so heavily but it was fun to experiment. Makes me feel like I am looking at the layout through my sunglasses!


Next I desaturated the overlay paper (In Photoshop, Image > Adjustments > Desaturate) and experimented that way. With an 'overlay' blending mode . . . I think this is my favourite of them all, I LOVE the 'pop' this created! It brightened the whole thing up nicely and we still have that illusion of ocean at the bottom . .


Desaturated paper with 'soft light' overlay mode . . .


Desaturated paper with 'multiply' overlay mode and reduced opacity to 75% . . .

You could also play with the levels and the curves of the overlay paper to further adjust and customise your results, in Photoshop both of these settings can be tweaked in Image > Adjustments.

These same principles can be applied to editing photos, and if you find that you like the results, but not on faces or body parts you could consider creating a layer mask on the overlay paper layer and with black set as your foreground colour and using a soft brush, erase the texture from places you don't want it to be visible.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Don't hesitate to reply with any questions or thoughts!

If you'd like more inspiration using Salt Air which is on sale today my team of Captivating Sistas, special guests and the Pollys have created some new pages to inspire you.

Make Art & Journal - Lovers Edition

Make Art and Journal are a series of Art Journaling Products by Rachel Jefferies. If you're looking for a non traditional love themed collection this will be of interest to you. This artful collection will enable you to visually express not just sweet love but love lost or love that was never found and relationships in general.

Jam packed with rich texture and my signature mark making and lots of other hand made items including paint, doodles, sketches and more! Abundant with handmade art and lots of journaling prompts it inspires and encourages you to do just what the title suggests, make art and journal. Express your worries, your victories, your hopes and dreams and everything in-between. 

Make Art and Journal [Lovers Edition]: Artists Miscellany


Take a peek at these lovely creations from the Sistas and the Pollys

Have an amazing weekend!


A new collection The Struggle is Real: Self Esteem

Rachel has teamed up with Amber of Crafty Button Designs to bring you this amazing collection called The Struggle is Real: Self Esteem.

The Struggle is Real is a mixed media series about the struggles we face in life but can't always verbalize. This series offers a way to express your feelings through art and to offer catharsis to those who need it. Art can be a very therapeutic experience and this series can help you shed some light and beauty on your internal struggles and how to get through them.

Amber created this series and each release will be created with a different designer, Rachel was excited when Amber invited her to collaborate with her on the Self Esteem release and we all love what has been created, they have been working so hard and there's lots of it!

The Struggle is Real: Self Esteem is available as a money saving collection (with special bonus discount during new release weekend) as well as individual pieces.

image (1).jpg
image (2).jpg
image (3).jpg
image (4).jpg
image (5).jpg
image (6).jpg

Here are some pages from The Sistas showcasing The Struggle is Real: Self Esteem

A few from the Pollys:

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget MOC 7 is still going on at The LIlypad and Rachel has some lovely items in her store to assist you in completing the challenges.


SOSN Time & MOC 7

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of great SOSN deals from Rachel. Remember these specials are for one day only, 24 hours. If you are participating in TLP’s MOC 7 or wish to and would like to build up your stash this is the perfect time as Rachel has a wonderful bundle and some date stamps available for a special price.

Hope Shines Bright is filled with wonderful paper pieces, earthy tones and fabulous word bits to help you create an amazing page filled with memories.

Hope Shines Bright Bundle


Here are some wonderful pages from the Sistas:

Have an amazing week!!


2019 Date Stamps & JAN BYOC Bundle

Rachel bundled up her Jan 2019 BYOC packs exclusively for her newsletter subscribers which are now available for public sale. If you missed the BYOC offers last weekend grab them all now in this money saving bundle and save 25%. And if you aren’t signed up for Rachel’s newsletter, do it now here because during BYOC weekends the bundle is exclusive for newsletter subscribers and has a deeper discount!

January 2019 BYOC Bundle


Rachel created herself some fun messy date stamps for her 2019 memory keeping and she made them into a pack for her shop for you too! Grab Messy Marks: Dates 2019 this weekend at 20% off!


To start off the lovely pages created by the sistas is one by Rachel herself :

Have a wonderful week!


BYOC December: Eucalyptus

jaye here back to show you this weeks amazing goodies from Rachel. I am seriously in love with the softness and the message of Eucalyptus.

The first weekend of the month at The Lilypad means it is BYOC time and Rachel has created some amazing packs which are on sale this weekend at 20% off.

Check out Eucalyptus: BYOC December 2018

Eucalyptus: Mixed Media Kit


Here are some gorgeous pages from the sistas and polly’s

New Releases & Black Friday Specials!

Rachel has a new release today with this month’s Mixed Media Monthly aka M3 in the shop, matching add ons as well as some great Black Friday deals! Read on for all the details!


New Releases are 30% OFF November 22nd - November 26th 2018 - check them out! . . .

M3 Nov 18: Pursue / Deeper / Meaning

image (1).jpg
image (2).jpg
image (3).jpg
image (4).jpg

Now for some delightful pages from the Sistas & the Pollys to enjoy.


Rachel has quite a few specials for you to take advantage of as well. Now is the perfect time to add to your Rachel stash! At The LilyPad a Month of Challenges is approaching in January, this is a huge event at The LilyPad and so this huge sale is a great time to stock up. Check out the following Black Friday Specials.

My Life Unscripted 1: Mega Bundle 60% OFF the original discounted bundle price!

image (3).jpg
image (6).jpg
image (8).jpg

If all of that isn’t enough I have something else for you! Rachel is bringing back her Commercial Use Designs from the Archives just in time! Save 60% on Rachel’s Commercial Use releases through the 26th November 2018. Head to her shop to see them all as there were too many to show individually! 


Enjoy your holiday and all these great deals!!


Four Artified Templates 50% Off Today

Happy Wednesday everyone, or if you’re a big fan of The Lilypad then it is happy Something Old Something New day!!

Rachel is re-releasing four, yes four of her Artified Layered templates. These templates are so fun to work with as you can create so many different looks with them. Artified Layered templates are easy to use, they will leave you in awe of the creative and artsy pages you can make. Seriously, if you don’t have one now is the time to try them, you will be hooked, I promise.

Artified: This Is It, Artified: Threadbare, Artified: Incomplete and Artified: 89 are on sale at 50% off for 24 hours only, so don’t hesitate in grabbing these, you won’t regret it! Also check your stash as these were released before in Rachel’s past store under her previous designer name of Captivated Visions :)


Artified: This Is It

BYOC November is Here!

jaye here back to show you this weeks amazing goodies from Rachel. I am seriously in love with the colours and the natural feel of Stop & Look Around (what a great title as well!)

The first weekend of the month at The Lilypad means it is BYOC time and Rachel has created some amazing packs which are on sale this weekend at 20% off.

Check out Stop & Look Around: BYOC November 2018

Stop and Look Around: Paper Pieces

Have a look at the great pages created by the Sistas and Polly’s!

It Takes Courage 50% OFF

Happy Wednesday everyone, or if you’re a big fan of The Lilypad then it is happy Something Old Something New day!!

Rachel is releasing an old favourite of mine for this week, It Takes Courage. It Takes Courage: Mixed Media Artistry is a wonderful mix of colours, stamps, painty goodness and meaningful word strips. It Takes Courage: Mixed Media Paperie is done in Rachel’s beautiful signature style of gorgeous blends and textures. This is definitely one you will want to add to your digi stash if you don’t own it already.

It Takes Courage Mixed Media Artistry and Mixed Media Paperie are on sale at 50% off for 24 hours only, so don’t hesitate in grabbing these, you won’t regret it! Also check your stash as this was previously released in her previous store under her previous designer name of Captivated Visions :)


It Takes Courage: Mixed Media Artistry

Some layouts by the Captivating Sistas and Pollys

Mixed Media Monthly Oct 2018: Journal / Introspective / Muse

Hi everyone, jaye here to bring you all the details about October’s Mixed Media Monthly Collection at The Lily Pad aka M3.

Mixed Media Monthly Oct 2018: Journal / Introspective / Muse

Pen, paper and time alone with your thoughts is the inspiration for this month's kit. Journaling can be an amazingly healing practice, as well as a source of creative inspiration. Find your voice, your muse and explore your inner road map with this stunning collection. The kit contains: 47 papers, 109 elements, 1 template, 11 journal cards and 1 alpha.

This main Kit is available to purchase from The Lily Pad on sale through Sunday 21st October.

Also available as a subscription - The Mixed Media Monthly subscription includes:

Main collab kit each month, a $14.99 value
Instant 35% off all M3 add-ons and past main kits
Special presale access
A two month commitment is required, but then you may cancel at any time.


Layouts by the Polly's using M3 Oct 2018: Journal / Introspective / Muse

M3 Oct 2018 Add on Packs available to purchase from The Lily Pad and on sale through Sunday 21st October.

A money saving bundle with all four packs included


A layout by Rachel using her M3 Bundle

00 rach.jpg

Layouts from the Captivating Sistas;

04 karen.jpg

Happy DSD and New Releases

Hey everyone jaye here. I am so happy that Rachel has returned to digital design and that I get to brag about her amazing talents and the awesomeness that is created with them. Without further chatter here is the nitty gritty of what goodness will be filling Rachel’s store.

The first weekend of the month at The Lilypad means it is BYOC time and Rachel has created some amazing packs (or in a bundle if you’re a newsletter subscriber) that are sure to have you creating page after page.

I am so pumped to say that the Silent Battles series is making a return!! Yes, this amazing collab between Rachel and Ru of Studio Basic Designs is coming back. . . .this weekend!! I love the realness of this series as well as the many uses for the designs.

Here I present to you Silent Battles: Grief, available as a bundle or individually.

Silent Battles: Stress

Silent Battles: Negative Thoughts

Here are the Sale details in Rachel’s Shop, be sure to note the free with purchase gifts when you spend $15 or $25 dollars and don’t forget to check out the Party Forum where we are celebrating DSD!

Finally, Rachel has added a huge archive of hand crafted Mixed Media Digital Scrapbooking Papers. Please check your stash very carefully as some of these papers date back to 2012 and were all part of Kits or Collections at some time or another. They feature hand painting, collage, blending and other mixed media and digital artistry techniques. A treasure trove of mixed media goodness!

In total there are 137 papers valued at a whopping $87.25 and Half Price this DSD weekend. Due to the sheer volume of papers there are not previews of each set included but you can expect expectional quality, and my signature style collage, hand painting and mark making. Visit the shop to find a note of all the Kit/Collection names that these once belonged too.

Mixed Media treats from my archives

I hope you're having a good week!

It's taken me a little time to get back into things after both my kiddies have been sick and not sleeping well, I've been putting all of my free time into a really exciting project which I can tell you about later in the week but there’s a hint at the end of this post!

New Releases & Offers

For now, I've got some treats from my archives included in this weeks 50% something old something new sale. You might remember the Simply Kit, the element part of the Kit will remain retired but I couldn't leave the hand painted backgrounds sitting on my hard drive so I've added them to the shop and included them in todays sale. You can also find my Mixed Media Stacks from my retired Smitten collection in my shop which complement the papers really well!

Check your stash first to make sure you don't already own these before purchasing.

Head to my shop here to find these new releases.

Look out for a really exciting collaboration coming this Friday!! Eeeek!


I Do My Own thing

Well sob sob, the time has come for us to send our little boy off on his first day at school yesterday! It felt really weird walking him to school, I mean I knew of course that this day would eventually come, but it felt surreal, like I was living somebody elses life. When people used to say to me, make the most of every moment, of these early years, they are so right! I didn't pay much attention back in the day, it felt like the days were so long and that they were going to last forever. I didn't realise quite how fast these early years really do fly by, but they really really do!!

In Shop News

Well yes it's true, that I do like to do my own thing, with my quirky mark making and collages but this is also the name of my collection this week. It's another Build Your Own Collection weekend and my theme relates to us as strong individuals (or people that you know) and how we can be our own hero's and stand tall!

Bonus Bundle Offer with a Free With Purchase

All of the Build Your Own Collection releases are 20% OFF 7th - 9th September PLUS the more you buy the more you save. In addition, if you're a collector of my products I've also bundled up all three of my BYOC packs and discounted the bundle by 30%. You'll also get a pack of solid colour papers FREE with your purchase of the bundle that are not available separately. Please note that this bundle offer is not included in the buy more save more offer.


That's all from me for now, have a great weekend :) 


Even the darkest night will end . . .

I hope you've been having a good week!

I've been digging around in my archive of products and I was inspired by my Hope Shines Bright Kit from 2013. I've spent some time working on this and have a fabulous new and improved element and paper pack plus some extras making a bundle offer!

The original papers have been replaced with new digital art. Many of the original paintwork and textures from the original papers feature somewhere inside the new papers and have been adapted and morphed into brand new mixed media designs. Many of the papers are also never seen before designs featuring my signature mark making.

The new and improved element pack includes a total of 67 unique elements ideal for digital and hybrid scrapbooking, digital artistry, art journaling, paper crafts and more. Twenty nine of the sixty seven elements are from the original kit and in their original form. Some elements from the original kit have been removed completely, some have been edited in tone or colour to fit with the vision of the new kit and many new never seen before elements have been added.
Jam packed with my signature mark making and lots of other hand made items including paint, doodles, sketches plus ephemera and more!


You'll save the most when you purchase my new releases as bundles. Hope Shines Bright Bundle has a 25% discount but if you purchase it now, before our new release sale ends at 11.50 pm PST on Sunday 26th August, you'll also save an additional 20%!!

Guest Creative Team Call

Interested in a guest spot? I'm holding a quick call for digital and hybrid scrapbookers and creatives. Successful applicants will help promote my new releases that will be available at The LilyPad during their guest stay!

Click the image or here for more info and to apply!

50% Off Selected Templates @ Sneak Peek

Phew, we are half way to the weekend!

New Releases & Offers

Save 50% through today ONLY on selected digital scrapbooking templates from my archives. I'm bringing four further templates out of hibernation, they are some of my faves and they are all 50% off through today! There's some fab new inspiration using the designs currently in my shop and the templates.

Artified: Overspill Layered Template

Sneak Peek of New Goodies Coming Soon

This week I've decided to release a new and improved version of a best selling kit from 2013 that has been retired for some time. I've reworked the papers and made modifications to some of the elements and added many new elements plus designed some extra packs so it's now a bundle!


Off The Grid & 50+ Products on Sale

How has your week been? It's been crazy busy around here, I was posting on Facebook yesterday that I was in autopilot mode and I found myself putting dirty dishes from the kitchen counter into the glassware cupboard in the dining room!! Ack!!

It's that special time of the week again where New Releases go live in the shop at The LilyPad plus this weekend we have a SALE! YAY!!

Save 30% on everything in my shop until 11.59pm PST Monday 20th August 2018.

New Releases included in the sale

This week I was inspired by the shapes, magic and colours of the forest and woodland. Each year we take at least one family holiday to a woodland holiday park complex. Me and Simon have been going for years and years before we had our children and now we all love to go together.

You'll always save the most when you purchase my new releases as bundles. My Off The Grid Bundle has a 25% discount but if you purchase it now, before our quarterly sale ends at 11.59 pm PST on Monday 20th August, you'll also save an additional 30% off!!

PLUS I'm thrilled to be bringing other favourite products of mine out from hibernation just in time for the sale, so if you don't already own these now is the perfect time to snap them up too!! 

Head to my shop to see them all and all of the inspirational layout examples!

Have a fabulously creative weekend! If you have time maybe check out our August Challenges :)


Bold Monochromes - 50% OFF

How are you doing?

We are almost at that midway point through the week! I'm looking forward to the weekend!

New Releases & Offers

Save 50% through today ONLY on eye catching monochrome products from my archives, it's so good to see these goodies coming back out of hibernation! I've bundled up my Captivating Basic Products and added a discount of 25% to the bundle PLUS you'll save 50% on the bundle price through today only so you can grab these packs for crazy prices! 

I'm really enjoying creating in black and white with pops of colour lately, here's a page I made with my Something Old Something New Releases

Digital Scrapbook Layout by Rachel Jefferies

Some more inspiration using the Captivating Basics Bundle 1

If you love nature and love to get away from it all I think you're really going to like this new product coming to the shop on Friday, it's nice and versatile too :)


Stardust and things


I hope this post finds you well!

It's that time of the week again where New Releases go live in the shop at The LilyPad and I've got something magical for you.

New Releases & Offers

You'll save the most when you purchase my new releases as bundles. My You are Magical bundle has a 25% discount but if you purchase it now, before our new release sale ends at 11.50 pm PST on Sunday 12th August, you'll also save an additional 20%!!

My Creative Team never cease to amaze me, here is some stunning art made with the You Are Magical Collection!! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you're having a great weekend!

Mixed Media Scrapbooking made easier

Happy Wednesday to you, how are you doing?

Everything is fine around these parts although it's still very hot and my laundry is still multiplying but in the grand scheme of things I can live with that, both just make me extra sleepy that's all!

New Releases & Offers

Save 50% through today ONLY on products that make mixed media scrapbooking easier for you. Do you ever look at mixed media scrapbook layouts and wish you could create something similar but yet you struggle? Or do you just wish you could make them faster so that you can complete more layouts?

I've got some really fun templates in this weeks something old something new sale. I have a brand new Inked template for you and I'm in love with these new templates! You can really go to town with them dressing them up, or you can keep them super simple and just use a photo, background paper and the marks (as-is or maybe re-colour them).

Here is a page by me using my mixed media artistry and collages that I released on Friday with my new Inked Template.


Pages from my Creative Team using Inked Template 2

I also have three more templates in the sale today that will make mixed media scrapbooking a breeze for you. Check your stash before purchasing to make sure you don't already own them. 

Grab the Connected Template for the offer price of $1.75 through the rest of today only

The LilyPad is an inspiring place to hang out, if you're a collector of products from The LilyPad do you know about the Challenge Pad?

I've been working on new products and i have a little peek for you at what I have coming to The LilyPad on Friday 10th of August 2018 :)