A Pearfect fit at The LilyPad

It's been exactly twelve months since I hung up my designer hat and a lot has changed for me. Our family has been blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Mackenzie Grace Jefferies who is already ten months old. Keaton has graduated from his pre-school nursery and will be starting school in reception class in September. 

I've dabbled in some digital scrapbooking during my break, I've taken some art classes and I've been busy creating in my sketchbooks again. It's been amazing to have been able to take a twelve month maternity leave and I've really enjoyed that precious time with my family but I'm ready to begin work again and to be creative on a more regular basis. I've really missed the connection with the digital scrapbooking community and I'm following my heart and returning to design!

With effect from today I'm a resident designer at The LilyPad! I'm thrilled to have been given this opportunity and I'm absolutely buzzing about it! I'm really excited about the direction that my design business is headed in and I'm so very grateful that you are here to share the journey with me, so thank you :)

New Releases & Offers

I've been working in my sketchbook making marks, sketching and drawing, stamping, painting, monoprinting, collaging, you name it!  All of my work is featured in new releases this week for our Build Your Own Collection. 

I've been filling my sketchbooks with pears, little miss Mackenzie is quite taken with them at the moment so Pears are on trend in our household! She inspired the collection first and foremost along with the sweet bond she has with her older brother. This collection is very versatile and is perfect for everyday scrapbooking but is particularly great for highlighting relationships.

I'll pop a note in here about the offers for those of you who just want to get straight to shopping! All of the Build Your Own Collection releases are 20% OFF 3rd - 5th August PLUS the more you buy the more you save.

Here is a page by me using my mixed media artistry and the collages featuring my little cuties who made this collection possible.

digital scrapbook layout by Rachel Jefferies

As always some diverse inspiration from my Creative Team!